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Why Create Joy Travel

We inspire travelers to begin a journey of self-awareness–to welcome new adventures, learning, and personal growth. We encourage our travelers to be mindful and courageous, and to embrace the possibilities.


We remain always inspired to explore new experiences, ideas, and possibilities.


Conservation is the future we choose, the everyday decision we make.


We strive for the wholeness of life and for transcendent well-being and growth.


We are committed to improving the lives of those around us through sharing and unity.

Embrace The Power of Travel

Become empowered by the unfamiliar, the unexpected, and the transformational. Want to travel powerfully and do so authentically and sustainably? Reach out to Create Joy Travel to Begin Your Journey

Rachel S

“Working with Create Joy is a very enjoyable experience; they are prepared, organized, and well informed. Heather finds a way to enhance even the simplest of experiences and has shown me what it truly means to live life and appreciate the journey - no matter where it takes you. If you desire a new awakening and are willing to trust and embrace the process, you will gain what you seek.”

Anastasia P

"Create Joy was an absolute joy to work with; from the very beginning of my planning journey to the conclusion of my trip, I was encouraged to create joy within myself and expand my travel comfort zone. As my trip was being planned, I felt a nostalgia for a place that I haven’t even experienced yet. During my travels, I was encouraged to grow and be an explorer. I created core memories and experiences; these are the moments I will cherish. Create Joy has awakened a new empowering passion for travel, and I am already dreaming about my next travel experience.”

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